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Countertop edges

Countertop edges – how to choose the right edge for your countertops

No natural stone countertop is complete without custom fabricated edges. Countertop edges come in many shapes.  Aside from appearance, the specific shape of countertop edges will affect cost and how easy it is to clean. The type of countertop edges you want should be selected when your countertop surfaces are measured to make a template. The countertop edges (also called edge profiles) you choose can have a dramatic impact on the aesthetic and feel of your natural stone counter tops and your kitchen or bathroom. Countertop edges can have a simple or complex shape with sharp angles and curves.

Countertop edges – our selection

All the natural stone countertops we fabricate are finished with the most sought after countertop edges. We can help you select the right countertop edges for your kitchen or bathroom vanities countertops that will match your current home style and decor. Most countertop edges are included in our price per square foot (except for full bullnose edges and ogee edges).

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