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Crystalline Countertops And Facings

Crystalline countertops and facings


Be bold, be colorful, be different with crystalline countertops

If you like contemporary decors, crystalline countertops and facings might just be what you need for your modern Charlotte home or business. The vibrant colors in crystalline countertops and facings are achieved through a process called Inter-Crystalline Technological Coloring. Originating from Brazil, the Inter-Crystalline Technological Coloring Process of natural stones has been developed over the course of 10 years of research. This technology allows for the modification of natural stone colors at the molecular level. Granite and marble are the two most used natural stones with theĀ Inter-Crystalline Technological Coloring Process. The resulting coloring and designs are permanent, unique and are guaranteed to be the focal point of interest in any home or business.

The physical characteristics of the natural stone under going the Inter-Crystalline Coloring Process, such as traction, flexibility and abrasion, are not altered in the process. In other words, your crystalline countertops and facings will have the same characteristics and properties as the original natural stone. Moreover, the finish crystalline countertops and facings are hydro-oil repellent and superior to the original natural stone. Veins and textures of granite and marble areĀ  not affected by this process.

Common uses of crystalline countertops and facings

Crystalline countertops and facings are becoming increasingly popular especially among contemporary and trend-setting homeowners and business owners. Crystalline countertops and facings are used for indoor applications such as flooring, wall covering, decorative furniture, fireplaces, bathrooms, kitchen counters, tables, murals and more.

Crystalline countertops and facings – care and maintenance

Inter-Crystalline Technological Coloring Process renders natural stones water- proof. Consequently, crystalline products are easy to clean, germ free and require the same maintenance as granite and marble. Natural stone cleaning products, such as granite and marble cleaners are recommended to clean crystalline surfaces. Abrasive and corrosive cleaners are not recommended as they may deteriorate the protective surface polish.

Crystalline countertops and facings – color resistance

The coloring process involved in Inter-Crystalline Technological Coloring is permanent and won’t fade away with time, since the colors are fused at the molecular level.

If you are interested in crystalline products, contact us today for more information.

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