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Remodeling Your Kitchen Countertops

kitchen countertops remodelingSo you are ready to go upgrade your kitchen countertops, but are not sure what’s next. The following guide will help you understand the entire kitchen countertops remodeling process you will know what to expect.Once you have contacted Custom Granite Solutions to get your free in-home estimate, we will measure your countertops space, ask you about the type and color of natural stone you want for your kitchen, and ask you to select a type of countertop edges. Once we have this information, we will be able to provide you with an estimate for the project. Once you accept our estimate, we will ask you to come and select a natural stone slab from which your kitchen countertops will be fabricated.

Creating a template for your kitchen countertops

Custom Granite Solutions will set up an agreeable time with you so a template of your kitchen cabinets can be created. In order to expedite the process of creating a template for your kitchen countertops, it is important that you remove before hand everything from your kitchen countertops’ surface before we arrive at your home. Depending on your remodeling project, templates can take up to a couple of hours to create. All sinks, faucets and cook tops will be check for compatibility and fit. If you plan to have a new faucet or sink installed, be sure to have everything on hand. Kitchen cabinets are reviewed for any adjustments required. Overhang, general support and any other personal preferences you may have will discussed during the process of creating the template. We also discuss with you seams location on your natural stone kitchen countertops. As a rule, the fewer the seams, the better. During the template creation process, Custom Granite Solutions will determine if specialized tooling will be required for the sink and range cutouts. All electrical outlets, sink, and faucets will be noted. The thickness of natural stone kitchen countertops will be 3 centimeters.

Fabricating your natural stone kitchen countertops

Once the template is complete and you have selected a natural stone slab from which your kitchen countertops will be fabricated, we will ask you final approval on everything to make sure everything is exactly what you want. Prior to starting the fabrication of your kitchen countertops, we will ask you final approval on the natural stone slab. encourage you to approve your slabs. The slab of natural stone you selected will be precisely cut with a diamond tip saw to fit the templates. The jointing seams will be sealed and the edge will be treated to create a smooth, attractive area. Please note that if you select a natural stone coloring that is not in stock, it may take up to two weeks lead time before we can start fabrication of your kitchen countertops.

Installation Day

If your remodeling project requires that we tear out and remove your existing countertops, we will do so at time of installation. Please note that removal and disposal of your hold countertops is already included in the free estimate we give. All your plumbing will be disconnected at time of tear out. During the installation process, your undermount sink, will be mounted under your natural stone kitchen countertops. We ask that you please do not use the sink in any way for at least 12 hours prior to the installation of your new kitchen countertops. We also ask that you please clear your kitchen countertops of any objects that might get in the way of the installation prior to Custom Granite Solutions coming to your home. Natural stone countertops are heavy and a clear path to the kitchen area must be created to facilitate the access.  The installation process can take the better part of a day and can require some final cutouts to be made in your home. Please keep in mind that this is a major remodeling job, there may be some residual dust over the next couple of days, be sure to check items left in cabinets. We recommend the drawers be removed. Items under cooktop and sink cabinet must be removed to allow access. Some dust can result even though our installers are equipped to catch the majority of it. Granite, if not resin coated, is sealed at time of installation.

Natural Stone Countertops Comparison

Selecting the right natural stone for your kitchen countertops and bathroom can be challenging. The comparison table below will help you compare side by side different natural stone products for your home. Click on the table below to expand it.

Kitchen Countertops Comparison

Granite Countertops Maintenance

Cleaning granite kitchen countertopsKeeping your granite countertops clean and lustrous is easy. With minimum maintenance, your countertop will stay as beautiful as the first day it was installed. The best way to keep your granite countertopsclean is to wipe spills before they have a chance to become stains. Often time, a simple mixture of soap and water is all that is needed to keep your countertop looking its best. Make sure to wipe your countertop dry to prevent having water spots. Never use harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners and sponges to clean your countertop.

How to clean your granite countertops

To clean your granite countertops you will need a soft cloth or sponge, a bowl of warm water, neutral dishwashing liquid (PH balanced), a microfiber cloth for wiping off excess soap and water and a natural stone or granite cleaner like Weiman® Granite cleaner and polish or Granite Gold®. Mix a few drops of soaps dishwashing liquid with warm water in a bowl. Mix the solution until suds form. Wet your sponge or soft cloth with the warm water/soap solution and wipe the countertop surface thoroughly. Rinse off your sponge/soft cloth with hot water thoroughly and wipe away any sudsy residue from the countertop surface. Repeat this process until to remove residue and excess water. Finish by wiping dry the surface with the microfiber cloth.

Periodically, we recommend that you clean you granite countertop with a granite / natural stone cleaner to restore luster.

In caring for your granite countertop, be especially wary of soda and coffee spills that can dull the surface of your countertop overtime. Do not use vinegar, ammonia or citrus cleaners. Their PH is too acidic and can dull your countertop’s shine. Granite is made to the withstand heat of a hot pot, but it is always recommended to use a coaster to avoid sliding the pan on the countertop which can it turn cause scratching.

How to remove stains from your granite countertops

Granite is a hard, scratch resistant, semi porous natural stone. Consequently, it can stain, so time is of the essence when there is a spill. It is better to blot a stain than to rub it to avoid spreading the stain. The longer the stain sits on your countertop, the harder it will be to remove. The following technique will help you remove most stains from your countertop. You will need hydrogen peroxide, powdered whiting product like talc, water, plastic wrap, tape, cloth or sponge and a small bowl. To start, you will have to make a poultice out of the powdered whiting and hydrogen peroxide. Stir the two together until you get a thick paste with the consistency of putty. The poultice will absorb the stain from the granite. This process may take some time depending on the stain. Apply the paste (1/4 inch thick) only the stained area. Cover the stain with the plastic wrap and tape down the edges. Keep the stain covered until the paste is completely dry (could take up to 48 hours). Once dry, removed the plastic wrap and wipe away the paste. Rinse the area with clean warm water. This process may need to be repeated until the stain is completely gone.

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