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Granite Countertops Installation – What To Expect

granite countertops installation process

From start to finish, upgrading your existing kitchen countertops with granite countertops is a multiple-step process. The information below will guide you through that process and provide you with insightful tips to avoid common mistakes.

Selecting a material for your countertops

There are several materials available from which to construct kitchen countertops. The most popular are granite, quartz and marble. Each type of natural or engineered stone has advantages and benefits. You can check out our material comparison chart or do some research online to find out what material you like most and is best suited for your needs.

TIP: Don’t just go for looks. You should consider practical aspects of each material such as ease of maintenance and care, durability, color selection, cost, etc…

Visit our local design center to see granite slabs

Visiting your local showroom in the Charlotte area will allow you to see in person the type of stone you selected of your kitchen countertops (we’ll assume here that you selected granite). Only a few granite countertops fabricators in Charlotte inventory granite slabs. Custom Granite Solutions is one of those fabricators. When you visit our showroom, a company representative will be able to discuss with you the different levels of granite and what they mean. Levels refer to the rarity of a particular type of granite.Your representative should also discuss with you colors and color variations, patterns and patterns variations from one granite slab to another.

TIP: It’s always a good idea to bring samples of your kitchen cabinetry (a cabinet door), flooring, paint colors, etc…when you visit your local Charlotte showroom so you can match colors with granite samples or slabs available at the store.

Selecting an edge profile for your granite countertops

Once you have identified the granite slab you want your countertops to be fabricated out of, it’s time to select an edge profile. We have many edge profiles to choose from, but the ones with the simplest designs are the ones that will be the easiest to take care of. Select a style of edge profile that matches the rest of your kitchen.

TIP: Keep in mind that when you wash dishes, prep food and use your countertops, you will most likely lean against the kitchen counter top edges. Selecting a smooth edge will make it more comfortable for you when leaning against the countertops for long period of times.

Selecting your sink

There are different types of sink materials available, from cast iron to glass sinks, but the most common is stainless steel. You will be given the option to have an overmount or undermount sink. Undermount sinks are mounted underneath the sink and are a very popular option because it makes it very easy to sweep food and spills right into the sink from the countertops without hitting an edge where it could get caught into.

Selecting a backsplash

When upgrading your existing kitchen counters with granite countertops, it’s the perfect time to also change your backsplash. Here again there are many options to choose from including granite backsplash, glass tiles for a more modern look, ceramic tiles, and other types of material.

Making a template of your kitchen countertops

Once you have decided the type of kitchen countertops, sink, and backsplash you want, it is time for our estimator to create a template of your kitchen counter top area. This process involves taking measurements and determining how your new kitchen countertops will fit in your kitchen. At that time, the estimator will go over the location of the seams (if any) on your granite countertops and what to do to prepare for installation day.

Fabricating your granite countertops

Once the template is done, it will be sent back to the factory where it will be used to fabricate your kitchen countertops out of the granite slab(s) you selected when you visited our showroom. The granite slab will cut and shaped to your specifications and according to the template.

Installation day

Prior to the installers coming to your home, you should make sure that everything has been removed from existing countertops and that you established a clear path for the installers to use when they come to your home (granite is heavy so the path should clear of obstacle to prevent accidents). The work should only take a few hours, depending on the size of your project, to complete.

If you live in the Charlotte area and are interested in getting a free estimate to upgrade your existing kitchen countertops with granite countertops or other type of counter top materials, call us today or fill out our online estimate request form.

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