Granite Countertops Prices – Deciphering Estimates

granite countertops prices

If you’ve been shopping around for granite countertops in Charlotte, one thing you certainly noticed is the disparity in prices between companies. So how do you determine which is a good estimate and which is not for your remodeling project? This article will help you shed some light on the differences in granite countertops prices.

Estimates with the lowest granite countertops prices do not always equate the best value. In evaluating estimates, you need make sure you are comparing everything equally. Too many times, companies produce low estimates to get in the door and charge more for services that should be included in the first place once the work has started and the homeowner has paid a deposit. Homeowners should be wary of those deceptive tactics.

Granite Levels

By now you know that there are different levels of granite, from level I to level III, even level IV and that levels affect granite countertops prices. Levels don’t indicate quality levels. They indicate whether a particular color of granite is abundant or scarce. The more abundant and common the granite slab color, the lower the level and the price per square feet. The rarer the granite slab color is, the higher the level and the price per square foot. The problem is that a granite slab categorized as a level I granite with one company may be categorized as a level II granite with another company, hence commending a higher price per square foot. In comparing quotes, make sure to compare slabs that are of the same level. Also, you are more likely to get a great deal on a granite countertops if it can be manufactured from a remnant slab. Remnants are left over from previous jobs or maybe customers who changed their mind after the granite countertop was fabricated. Remnants are often used for vanity tops rather than kitchen countertops because they are smaller in size. Granite countertops prices are significantly lower when remnants are used for fabrication. Keep in mind that most granite fabricators have access to distributors with a large selection of granite slabs.

Removal and disposal of existing countertops

Some fabricators charge additional for the removal and disposal of old countertops, hence putting the responsibility on the homeowner. The added charge for the removal and disposal of the existing countertop can make the difference between a great deal and an okay deal.  As a rule of thumb, if it’s not listed on the estimate, it’s not included so make sure you know what you are getting for the price so that all the granite countertops prices quoted are based on similar levels of services.

Edge profile

Another factor that affects granite countertops prices is edge profiles. While some granite countertops fabricators include specific edge profiles within the full price for the work, some fabricators charge extra for edge profile. When comparing quotes, makes sure all your quotes include the cost of edge profile.


When remodeling your kitchen, it is usually a good time to upgrade the kitchen sink and faucet. There are different types of sinks available (over mount and under mount), as well as different sink material and finish. When comparing granite countertops prices and associated estimates, you should verify whether or not the fabricator has included a sink with the installation. If not, you should add the cost of a sink to the estimate to make sure you are comparing estimates equally.

Back splash

Another item that does affect granite countertops prices and estimates is back splashes. All countertops need a back splash fabricated and installed (unless there is already a back splash in place that the homeowner wants to use). The cost of the back splash should be included in your quote and you should confirm with the company you selected that the back splash is included as part of the quote.

To determine if you are getting a good price for the fabrication and installation of granite countertops, it’s important to clarify what’s included with the granite countertops prices (including warranty) you receive. Custom Granite Solutions of Charlotte provide straightforward quotes and our pricing is very competitive. To request a free quote, call our office today during normal business hours or complete our online contact form to request a free estimate.

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