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Granite Countertops Product Review

granite countertops charlotte nc

Granite countertops have gained huge popularity over the years with homeowners and businesses alike. The reasons are simple – not only are granite countertops aesthetically pleasing with their lustrous shine and unique natural markings, but they are also extremely durable. If cared for properly, most granite countertops will last a lifetime. A kitchen dressed with granite countertops conveys a deep sense of style, class and luxury. Granite countertops are highly sought after by home buyers and homeowners who want to upgrade their kitchen.

Granite countertops usually cost more than other man-made materials like Formica, Wood Veneer, Corian and Silestone.  There are also various grades of granite available (Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3). The higher the grade, the more colorful and the more unusual markings the granite has, thus, affecting price.  However, investing in granite countertops is a wise decision and is an upgrade that will yield equal return if and when you decide to sell your home down the road.

Colors and textures

Each and every countertops created from granite slabs are unique. Even if two countertops are fabricated out of the same granite slab, there will still be noticeable difference between the two. Moreover, there are also many different shades of colors to choose from and many different types of marking.


Granite was naturally made about 200 millions years ago. It is an igneous rock, which means that at one time during its creation, it was melted like volcanic lava. However, unlike lava, this melted (or molten) rock never reached the surface. It remained trapped inside the earth, where it slowly cooled and crystallized, resulting in a very uniform, speckled stone that ranges in color from black and gray tones to pinks, browns, reds, greens and white.

Scratch resistance

Granite is the most durable natural stone available for home and commercial decor. It is the hardest natural stone found on earth next to diamonds. It’s surface cannot be scratched, under normal use,  by kitchen knives and cookware.

Heat resistance

Granite countertops are highly resistant to heat and will not be scorched if hot pots are placed on it.


Granite countertops have a low porosity and are therefore resistant to stain.


If treated with a high quality sealant on a regular basis, granite countertops will stay lustrous for years. Granite is also stain resistant because of its low porosity (especially when sealed professionally). Consequently, it also naturally resists mold and mildew.

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