Granite Countertops, Backsplashes, Sinks – Today’s Kitchen Trends

Granite countertops are slick looking, smooth to the touch, easy to maintain, scratch resistant, and they are here to stay. Whether natural or engineered, granite is without doubt the best material for kitchen countertops and with their variety of colors and patterns, they can easily be matched with existing kitchen cabinet styles and colors.

Custom Granite Solutions is in the field everyday installing new granite countertops at homeowner homes in the metropolitan Charlotte NC area. We have seen a couple of trends in kitchens for back-splashes and sinks that are worth mentioning. Both trends are discussed below.

Higher backsplashes with granite countertops

granite countertops granite backsplashes charlotte ncMost kitchens with granite countertops come with a 4-inch, matching granite backsplash. The intended purpose of a backsplash is to protect the substrate from water and food spills. However, backsplashes are now used to make a strong design statement. In the field, we have seen a high demand for backsplashes that extend all the way up to kitchen cabinet edges. The result is attractive and stylish. A great combination of material with granite countertops has been glass and subway tiles. Matching granite material is also used to cover the backsplash area. A high rising backsplash can literally transform the look of your kitchen.

Undermount sinks and granite countertops

granite countertops undermont sink charlotte nc kitchen trendsUndermount sinks are definitely in. They have been trending up for the past few years. Visually pleasing, undermount sinks pair up nicely with granite countertops.

Undermount sinks are sleek looking, easy to clean up, practical, and hygienic and provide for a streamlined and neat cooking space. If you are not sure what an undermount sink is, typically in a kitchen countertop installation, an undermount sink is mounted below the counter top rather than on top.  Undermount sinks are available in different materials, including cooper and porcelain. However, stainless steel has been the most popular option.

Before deciding whether or not to have an undermount sink installed with your kitchen granite countertops, you should first consider the advantages and disadvantages of undermount sinks. Below is the run down:


  • Undermount sinks are a perfect match for granite countertops. They have no lip nor crevice where food crumbs and spills can be caught.  Crumbs and spills can directly be wiped into the sink without hitting an edge.
  • Undermount sinks eliminate the need for caulking on top of the counter top. The overall look is a sophisticated and sleeker kitchen working surface.


  • Undermount sinks work best with waterproof countertop materials (granite countertops are waterproof). Unlike regular sinks, undermount sinks do not protect the edges of the countertop and if a non-waterproof material is used for the countertop, its structural integrity will eventually be compromised. This type of sinks is not recommended for laminate countertop surfaces.
  • Since a custom hole has to be made in the countertop for the undermount sink, it may be difficult to replace the sink later on so it is important to purchase a good quality sink that will last you a long time.  If not, you may end up having to replace your granite countertops if the sink fails and need replacement.
  • Because the borders of the granite countertop are exposed (not tucked under a regular sink), the edges are exposed. If a heavy pot is dropped or banged against the edge of the granite countertop, a piece of the counter top could break off.

High rising tiled backsplashes and undermount sinks are the perfect companions to granite countertops. Custom Granite Solutions fabricates and installs beautiful natural stone countertops for kitchens and bathrooms. Call us today to schedule a free in-home estimate.

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