Kitchen Counter Top – 3 Recommendations That Will Help You Pick the Right Edge Profile

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Picking the right color for your kitchen counter top can be a daunting task. Granite countertops are not cheap and if cared for the right way, they will last for a lifetime. It’s important to select a granite color that is not too trendy so it stays in style for the long haul. Your granite counter top color and style will need to be coordinated with your flooring, kitchen cabinets, backs plash, wall colors and the overall style of your kitchen.

To “dress up” your kitchen counter top, you will need to select an edge profile. Edge profiles refer to the borders of countertops. They are custom fabricated at the time as the granite counter top. There are many types of edge profiles available so selecting the right one can be overwhelming. Edge profiles can change the entire look of granite countertops.

To help you choose a great edge profile for your kitchen counter top, we recommend you take the following three factors in consideration – aesthetics, ergonomics and practicality.


Style wise, your counter top edge profile should match the rest of your kitchen style. If you have a modern kitchen, we don’t recommend you pick an OGEE edge which has a sophisticated type of design. Rather, you should select a flat edge that will make the kitchen counter top appear thicker, or an edge profile with a simple design.


A kitchen counter top gets a lot of use. When selecting your edge profile, don’t just think about look – think about usage. When cooking, you will spend lots of time leaning against the edges of your countertops. Sharp edges will be uncomfortable to lean against for long periods of time. If you are an avid chef who loves to spend hours cooking, select an edge profile that is comfortable to lean against.


Granite countertops are beautiful, durable and fairly easy to maintain and upkeep. When choosing an edge profile, you should select one that allows for easy cleaning and easy sweeping of food crumbs off the granite counter top surface. Sophisticated edge profile with intricate edges are prone to collect food debris and dust and require more efforts to clean. Undermount sinks make it easier to wipe food debris into the kitchen sink without food getting caught against the sink edges. However, if you have long kitchen counter top surfaces, being able to easily wipe food off the counter, without dropping any everywhere because of the edge profile, is a big plus.

The professional at Custom Granite Solutions can assist you in selecting a great edge profile for your kitchen counter top. Visit our showroom that is convenient to Charlotte or fill out our online estimate request form for a free in home estimate. Our granite experts will guide you in choosing a great granite kitchen counter top for your home.

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