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Kitchen Countertops – Choosing The Right Material

If you are in the market for kitchen countertops, you might be surprised to know that there are over a dozen types of material to choose from. That’s enough to get anybody confused real fast. Below is a list of the top 7 materials used for kitchen countertops and some facts you should consider before taking the plunge.

Quartz kitchen countertops

quartz countertops charlotte nc

Quartz kitchen countertops, aka solid surface countertops are very popular among homeowners. Quartz countertops are man-made from crushed crystals and resin to bind the crystals together. The result – a surface that is practically maintenance free. Quartz countertops are non-porous, so no staining there, and they are also scratch resistant. They resist heat, but not as much as granite, so you will need to be careful with hot pots as too much heat may damage the surface (it’s partly made of resin).Quartz countertops come available in a wide range of colors and patterns and make a nice addition to any kitchen. Price wise, quartz countertops cost about the same as granite countertops.

Granite kitchen countertops

kitchen granite countertops charlotte nc

Granite is the leading kitchen counter top material in the US. It’s a natural stone so there are a lot of variations in colors, hues and patterns. Granite kitchen countertops are durable, scratch resistant and easy to maintain, but not maintenance-free. They need to be sealed every year or so and food and liquid spills should be cleaned promptly especially if it’s an acidic or oily spill.

Honed granite kitchen countertops

honed granite countertops charlotte ncUnlike regular granite countertops that are polished for a glossy look, honed granite has a matte finish. It has the same characteristics than regular granite, ie, resistant to heat, cracking, scratching and staining if sealed properly. The demand for honed granite kitchen countertops has increased among homeowners, especially those looking for stylish, trendy and more muted kitchen counter top surfaces.

Wood kitchen countertops

wood kitchen countertops

Butcher block style countertops are another option for kitchens. They look great in country or cottage style kitchen. Wood countertops need to be sealed regularly to prevent bacteria from developing. Once sealed, this type of kitchen countertops is sanitary enough to handle raw meat. Butcher block style countertops are heat resistant (not heat proof).

Marble kitchen countertops

marble kitchen countertops charlotte nc

If you are going for style and want a high-end look for your kitchen, a marble counter top is your best bet. White creamy marble with gray veining is one the most desirable type of marble for kitchen countertops. But beware, marble requires more care and maintenance than any other natural stones. Marble is porous, fragile and stains easily. If you like baking, marble’s cold surface makes it ideal to roll out dough and work with flour.

Stainless steel kitchen countertops

stainless steel kitchen countertops

If you are in the market for modern and stylish kitchen countertops, stainless steel offers a slick and industrial look. This is the type of material you will find in professional kitchen restaurants.  Stainless steel kitchen countertops are easy to maintain, clean and inhibit bacterial growth. They do scratch however and will show signs of wear and tear overtime.

Concrete kitchen countertops

concrete kitchen countertops

Another option if you are looking for a modern / stylish look for your kitchen, is concrete countertops. Concrete is used in modern kitchen designs. Concrete kitchen countertops can be customized and made unique by combining colors and textures.

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Granite countertops are slick looking, smooth to the touch, easy to maintain, scratch resistant, and they are here to stay. Whether natural or engineered, granite is without doubt the best material for kitchen countertops and with their variety of colors and patterns, they can easily be matched with existing kitchen cabinet styles and colors. Custommore…

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