Marble Countertops Product Review

Marble countertops

The use of marble dates back to ancient history. Durable and elegant, marble has been a material of choice for kitchen countertops, bath vanities, flooring, tile walls, fireplaces and stairs. For a sophisticated look, marble is your best bet.

Marble countertops – colors and textures

Marble is a non-foliated metamorphic rock composed of crystallized limestone formed under extreme pressure and heat. Marble veining, colors and textures which characterized marble countertops, is the result of impurities infiltrating the original limestone during the melting and crystallization process. The purest marble is white, the type that Renaissance artists carved into statues.

Marble slabs can be found in a wide variety of hues and colors. The marble colors and markings found in marble countertops are determined by the areas from which they are mined, while the finishing process brings out the natural colors and glow of this natural stone. Each slab of marble is unique.

Marble countertops – durability

Marble countertops are resistant to cracks and breakage (not as much as granite countertops) and will provide for years of enjoyment if proper care is used.

Marble countertops –  scratch resistance

Marble countertops are resistant to scratches. Normal use of kitchen cutlery directly on the surface will not cause damage. Although the sealant finish of the countertop can become damaged by a wide variety of items, this can be remedied by having the sealant stripped from the surface of the marble and reapplied by a trained professional.

Marble countertops – heat resistance

Marble countertops are heat resistant and will easily handle anything that is used in the kitchen. It will not burn, scorch or catch fire. However, the countertop finish can get damaged if hot items are placed directly on the surface. For this reason, it is highly recommended that a protective place mat be used on marble countertops to handle hot pots and pans. A hot pot placed on a marble countertop may cause the surface to become darker, hence ruining the appearance of the finished marble. Once this has occurred, there is no way to repair the damage and the entire countertop will have to be replaced.

Marble countertops – porosity

Marble countertops have low porosity and are great for kitchen and bathrooms as they will repel water and other liquids.

Marble countertops – maintenance

Marble countertops are fairly easy to maintain and will clean up easily with soap and water. A sealant should be use regularly to protect the countertops’ surface.

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