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Granite Countertops – Know What You Are Getting

Granite countertops Charlotte NC shopping kitchenShopping for granite countertops

You already know that you want granite countertops for your home. You also know the type of colors you want that matches your home style and décor. The next step is determining what it is going to cost you to have granite countertops fabricated and installed for you.

When it comes to granite countertops prices, there are a few things you should keep in mind when comparing companies. Be sure you are comparing apple to apple, and not just what the price per square foot is or you could be in for a surprise (not a pleasant one). When getting estimates from granite countertop fabricators and installers, ask what the price includes. With a typical granite countertops installation, here is what you can expect will be done:

  • disconnecting and reconnecting the plumbing underneath the sink
  • wiring and electrical work
  • removing and disposing of your old countertops and backsplash
  • new sink installation
  • new faucet installation
  • edge finish
  • level (grade) of granite used for the renovation project

To prevent unexpected charges from popping up during or at the end of your remodeling project, make sure that everything is listed in the original estimate or contract so you know exactly how much you are paying for your granite countertops. Too many companies are advertising extremely low per square foot cost on granite countertops installation just to get homeowners to call and charge additional fees on the back end. In reality, those companies are often times more expensive than the companies that give you straightforward pricing. It is also more honest.

What are the different levels for granite countertops?

Granite slabs are not only classified by names and colors, but also by levels. They are three levels of granite available: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. The different levels of granite available do not indicate a difference in quality, since all granite are of excellent quality and highly durable. However, the levels indicate the richness of colors and markings on a granite slab. The natural mineral make up, colors, density are rated both by quarry and by the fabricator. The higher the level, the more depth, colors and markings the granite countertops will have and the higher the cost per square foot will be.

Most homeowners select a Level 1 granite for their countertops. With level 1 granite, colors and grains are consistent throughout the slab. The grain of Level 1 granite countertops is smooth and consistent. Level 1 granite slabs are structurally sound, meaning that the granite was naturally formed without large pits or fissures on its surface. Level 1 granite slabs also polish smoothly. In contrast, polishing weaker type of natural stones can be too abrasive to the surface and tiny pin holes will surface.

Price for Level 1 granite countertops vary from one fabricator to another. Granite countertops are priced by square foot and that price will vary depending on what is included in the work as mentioned in the first part of this blog. Custom Granite Solutions price for Level 1 granite countertops installed is $36 per square foot.

Granite countertops edge finishes

No granite countertop would be deemed complete without edge finishes. There are different type of edge finishes available. Some of the type of edges available include:

  • demi bullnose
  • half bullnose
  • reverse
  • double radius
  •  1/2″ bevel
  • waterfall
  • flat polish
  • Ogee
  •  full bullnose
  • 1/4″ bevel.

You can see examples of edge finishes here.

Each edge will give out a different look. Make sure it matches with the rest of your kitchen style and décor. The cost of edge finishes is usually factored in the price per square foot for your granite countertops. However, makes sure to clarify that with your fabricator.

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