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Silestone Countertops Product Review

silestone countertops

Silestone is a quartz countertop surface that is incredibly beautiful and long lasting. The demand for this type of surface among homeowners has steadily increased over the years. Silestone is a great building material for kitchen countertops, bath vanities and flooring.

Silestone countertops – colors and textures

The natural quartz in Silestone give this surface unsurpassed color depth, radiance, and luster. Silestone countertops come in a variety of colors that can easily matched any kitchen or bath decor.

Silestone countertops – durability

There are only three natural minerals that are harder than quartz – diamonds, sapphires or topaz.  Silestone countertops have four times the strength of granite and so resists breakage or chipping.

Silestone countertops – scratch resistance

Silestone countertops are scratch-resistant, not scratch proof and could be damaged with excessive force or pressure.  Quarts in the Silestone is what give this surface its scratch resistance

Silestone countertops – heat resistance

Silestone countertops are scorch-resistant. It will withstand limited exposure to heat without burning or scorching. The fire of a lit match will not mar it. Silestone countertops can stand up to hot pots right off the stove or out of the oven without damage as long as they’re not left on their surface for too long. Long-term exposure to heat can cause thermal shock and cause cracks. As a precautionary measure, it is recommended that trivets be used when placing hot pots on a Silestone surface to prevent thermal shock.

Silestone countertops – porosity

Silestone countertops are non-porous and will therefore repel liquid stains, as well as mold and mildew. It is a wonderful material for kitchens and bathroom vanities.

Silestone countertops -maintenance

Silestone countertops are non-porous and stain-resistant. They need not to be sealed to keep their lustrous shine. They are resistant to stains from wine, coffee, lemon juice, vinegar, olive oil and many other common household products. Silestone Countertops can easily be cleaned with soap and water, as well as other household cleaners.  Cleaners that contain abrasives are not recommended as they dull the surface shine.



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