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Granite Countertops Are Here To Stay

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Granite countertops – the right choice for your kitchen

While many man-made building materials for kitchen countertops have long come and gone, granite countertops have remained a favorite among homeowners for over two decades. Kitchen granite countertops are not a fad. They are here to stay.

The use of polished granite dates back well over 100 years ago. It was first introduced¬† in the mid-nineteenth century in Scotland and was an immediate success. The rise to fame for granite countertops started in the US in the early 1990s. When first introduced to consumers in the US, cost was prohibitive for many homeowners and granite countertops where mostly reserved for the rich and famous living in luxury homes. Over time, kitchen granite countertops have increasingly become “mainstream” as pricing for fabrication and installation have come down significantly. There are three levels of granite available, level 1 being the most economical types of granite. Hues, color depth and patterns affect the level and price of granite per square foot. But granite is granite. No matter what level of granite you choose, it will greatly enhance the appearance of your kitchen while providing you with one of the most durable natural surface to work on.

Upgrading your kitchen with granite countertops

There is no other place in a home more important that the kitchen. This is where all the action happens. It is the “central nervous system” of a home. No wonder why so many people invest in kitchen remodels. According to this Old House magazine, minor kitchen remodeling improvements such as installing granite countertops, have a return of 87% on investment. According to Kermit Baker, Director of the remodeling futures program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, “people buying a house look first at kitchens and baths”. Improvements to your kitchen will most likely pay for itself. According to the Remodeling magazine’s annual analysis of cost versus value, a kitchen face-lift such as upgrading countertops will return more than a full kitchen redesign.

Granite countertops are the number one selling material for kitchen

Kitchen Granite Countertops will remain the number one products for countertops. Their wide range of shades and colors and its capacity to match any kitchen elements like cabinets, appliances, make them the best and wisest choice material for homeowners.

When you upgrade your kitchen with granite countertops, you are bringing and showcasing a beautiful piece nature in your home. Beauty, color choices and durability and affordability make granite countertops a top choice for kitchens. Granite countertops continue to be rated as the top performing kitchen countertop material by leading consumer magazines compared to other natural stone and man-made materials.

From a design perspective granite is the perfect material. With more than 2,500 colors to choose from and interesting unique patterns, the possibilities are endless (far more than available with any other countertop materials). The types of granite offered to consumers are continually expanding as more countries and regions around the planet explore their unique geology to bring new types of granites to the market. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate and find out how affordable it is to transform your kitchen with granite countertops.

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Granite Countertops Prices – Deciphering Estimates

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