Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops product review

The popularity of quartz countertops has experienced exponential growth in recent years. The reason is simple – quartz combines the best qualities of manufactured and natural stone materials into one high performance product. With unparalleled strength, stunning appearance and performance, it is no surprise that quartz is among the top building materials for homes and businesses alike. Most quartz countertops sold today are manufactured from about 95% crushed quartz and 5% polymers. The resulting product is nearly scratch-proof, low maintenance, and the choice of colors is extensive ranging from translucent whites to sandy browns or monolithic blacks.

Quartz countertops – durability

Quartz is the most durable countertop material out of all the natural or manufactured products you can buy today. The best features of quartz countertops come from what is inside. Quartz countertops are nearly indestructible and significantly stronger than granite countertops and are less prone to chipping and cracking.

Quartz countertops – scratch resistance

Quartz is naturally scratch resistant, but not scratch-proof. There are only three natural stones harder than quartz – diamond, sapphire and topaz. Quartz countertops are resistant to kitchen cutlery and can only be damaged if an extreme amount of weight and force is applied.

Quartz countertops – colors and textures

Quartz countertops are naturally beautiful. The appearance of quartz surfaces largely depends on the size of the quartz granules used. Finer granules will result in a more consistent appearance. While larger crystals will create a more speckled look, similar to granite countertops. You can find quartz countertops in a wide range of colors. From neutral earth tones to bold bright colors and everything in between you will find a selection that matches your personal taste.

Quartz countertops – heat resistance

If you just lit a candle and placed the match down on the counter without blowing it out first you would expect the match would leave a nasty scorch mark. This would be case with plastic laminates or solid surface materials, but not with quartz countertops. Quartz has the ability to resist short exposure to heat without damage to the surface. Prolonged heat exposure can cause cracking to occur due to the rapid temperature change. To avoid this it is recommended you always use a hot pad or trivet under a crock pot or griddle.

Quartz countertops – porosity

Quartz countertops are a non-porous surface. This means quartz will not absorb water or other fluids. Being non-porous is the biggest advantage of quartz counters when compared to other natural stone counter materials.

Quartz countertops – maintenance

No sealing necessary: Granite countertops require a sealer to be applied after installation and reapply regularly to prevent staining. Sealing is not needed for quartz countertops because it is non-porous. Quartz is relatively maintenance free when compared to others countertop materials.
Resistant to bacteria: Growth of bacteria happens when moisture and food penetrates a surface. You will not have to worry about this occurring on your new quartz counters. Since quartz in non-porous bacteria will not grow on it. In fact, NSF International has certified quartz countertops as a safe food preparation surface.
Resistant to staining: Quartz counters will not stain from common kitchen liquids, such as coffee, tea or lemon juice. Granite and other countertop materials will stain if not properly maintained or sealed.


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